The Project, named Tiara, is seamlessly connected with the Longsheng Metro station by a weather-proofed walkway and it only takes about 25 minutes from Futian Checkpoint to Tiara by the Shenzhen Metro Line 4 (Longhua Line), which is managed and operated by the MTR Corporation (Shenzhen) Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation.

The project has a total floor area of around 206,167 square metres, with flat sizes ranging from 80-250 square metres, providing 1,698 residential units. On completion, Tiara will have a shopping centre of approximately 10,000 square metres and in addition, there will be a central garden of about 10,000 square metres. Within the complex there will be the provision of a variety of leisure and entertainment facilities, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym, reading room, etc.

The Tiara sales centre at Longsheng Station is now open.